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We the imaging professionals of -service are ready to film and photograph your lot or real property. With -services you can present your property in the best light.

So why wouldn’t you let our professionals help you with their expertise, vision and let’s take wonderful images and films of your property! is the professional company in the imaging and video production which provides the best service in the Finland!

Our team

Niko Paulanne
entrepreneur, chief image and film maker
Recycle Reuse Reduce ky, Suomen Juhlakuvauspalvelu, Suomen Hautajaiskuvauspalvelu,,

Our service packages starts from 277 (VAT 0). Our basic package includes four best chosen aerial images of the subject and the video filmed around the subject
from the suitable height.

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Information about our company – Recycle Reuse Reduce ky tiedot
Company registration number: 2208065-4 (alv rek)
Company VAT number: FI22080654
Address: Heikkiläntie 28, 36240 Kangasala, Finland
Telephone: +358-50-5706765 (MONDAY-FRIDAY 12:00-17:00)